How To Buy A Gun Online In 2024

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How To Buy A Gun Online In 2024

Interested in purchasing a firearm online but not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck by starting here, so keep reading. In today’s digital age, the convenience and accessibility of online shopping is unmatched. When it comes to shopping online for a firearm though, it’s important to understand the regulations, guidelines, and overall process. From selecting a reputable dealer to background checks, we’re going to cover all you need to know to make your purchase with confidence. I know you’re ready to dive into all the details of how to buy a gun online, so let’s jump straight to it.

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Advantages Of Buying Guns Online

Buying guns online offers so many advantages that make the process simple and convenient. The days of going into a physical location or to gun shows to purchase firearms are over (if you want them to be at least)! Let’s go over the main advantages that will benefit you the most.

Access to Options

Purchasing firearms online gives you access to a wide variety of options, including new and used. Having a variety to choose from allows you to make decisions based on your needs and preferences, without being limited to only what’s available in your local gun store.

Reviews & Feedback

You’ve probably made a lot of online purchases based on the reviews, and that’s a huge advantage when purchasing firearms online as well. Having access to customer reviews and feedback helps provide insight into the quality of the firearm you’re looking to purchase, which can really make or break your decision.

Reputable Dealers

Having access to reputable dealers online adds an extra layer of assurance that your transaction will be handled properly. You can, of course, find reviews and feedback on dealers to help you make the right decision on which to buy from. Feel free to scroll down to see our dealer recommendations.

Who Can Buy A Gun

Most states require a minimum age of 21 to purchase handguns, and a minimum age of 18 to purchase long guns. There are also laws prohibiting the purchase and/or carry of a firearm for certain crimes and convictions.

Gun laws vary by state, so be sure to check your state’s specific laws for more information.

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How To Choose An FFL Dealer

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s an FFL dealer?” So let’s get clear on what an FFL dealer is and how they come into play during your transaction.

What is an FFL Dealer?

FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. This license is required for the dealer to handle sell and buy firearms.

What does the FFL Dealer do?

The easiest way to put it is – your firearm cannot be delivered directly to your door without ensuring that you are allowed to purchase it legally. This is where the FFL Dealer comes in! When you purchase your firearm online, you’ll be asked to select an FFL Dealer to have it shipped to. You will go to the FFL Dealer’s physical location to collect your firearm, but remember, they go through a process to ensure you are legally allowed to purchase it.

So, how do I choose an FFL Dealer?

Choosing is really simple. All you have to do is search for dealers near you using your zip code. Be sure you have all the details correct because this is where your firearm will be shipped and where you’ll need to pick it up from.

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Steps To Buy A Gun

There are several steps in the gun buying process, but here it is broken down into bite-sized pieces! Quick disclaimer – every state has different laws and requirements, so be sure to check both state and federal laws prior to embarking on your purchase journey.

1. Confirm your eligibility.

It’s important to ensure you’ve met the age requirement before starting this process. You must be 18+ years old to purchase long guns, and 21+ years old to purchase handguns.

2. Choose an FFL dealer near you.

Finding and FFL near your is a crucial step because this is where your new gun is delivered to. You can search FFLs near you by simply Googling “FFLs near me”.

3. Choose a reputable online gun store.

Purchasing from a reputable online store seems obvious, but there are a lot of scammers out there, so watch out! We suggest using online stores that have built great trust within the firearm community, such as,, and

4. Pick and purchase your firearm.

It’s time to choose your pick! From a concealed carry gun to a home defense shotgun, there are plenty of options to choose from! Once you’ve made your pick, add it to your cart, select your preferred FFL to have it delivered to, and check out!

5. Complete Form 4473, pass the background check and pick up your firearm.

Once your firearm has been delivered to your chosen FFL, you’ll want to head to the store! You will be required to complete Form 4473 and pass your background check prior to the FFL being able to transfer the gun over to you. At this point in the process, you’ve paid for the gun since you purchased online, but most FFL dealers charge a transfer (typically under $100, but subject to vary per location).

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Recommended Online Gun Stores And Marketplaces

When it comes to buying firearms online, buying from reputable and trustworthy sites is key. There are so many options to choose from, so we’ve handpicked the Top 3 have built a solid reputation with gun owners in the firearms community.

Top 3 Recommendations

Each of these options offers new and used firearms (concealed carry guns, shotguns, revolvers, etc.), accessories, ammo, and other firearm essentials.

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Safety And Responsibility In Online Gun Buying

As the popularity of online gun buying continues to rise, it’s becoming more important to take extra precautions during your purchase process. The main point is to do your best to ensure you’re purchasing from a legitimate seller so your transaction can be safe, secure, and successful.

The best way to do this is by looking into reviews and feedback from others who have experience with that particular online gun shop. For example, the reputable platforms mentioned above (,, and These 3 platforms have a great reputation and plenty of reviews can be found online!

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Ensuring Secure And Legal Delivery Of Purchased Guns

It’s crucial for both buyers and sellers to understand the details around firearm delivery to avoid potential legal issues. When purchasing online, you as the buyer need to ensure the seller possesses a valid FFL, this is especially important if you’re buying from unknown or less-known sellers.

This is why FFLs are so important! No website should claim they can ship directly to your home. This may seem obvious but it’s definitely “uncommon” sense. Your firearm must be shipped to an FFL holder so they can go through the necessary steps to prove your eligibility to purchase.

It’s also helpful to understand that all mail and package carriers have specific guidelines for how mail/packages can be shipped. For example, UPS requires firearms to be shipped in their corrugated packaging. They also require that all ammunition be shipped separately from the firearm.


And there you have it! You now have most of the information needed for a successful online gun purchase.

The key takeaway from all this is the importance of doing thorough research before making a purchase, understanding the legal requirements in your state, verifying the credibility of sellers, and ensuring the shipment is secure!

Purchasing a firearm online is super convenient and offers you lots of options, but there are still guidelines that must be followed. Every state has different laws and requirements, so be sure to research yours!

Whether you are purchasing your first new gun or your 100th gun, being cautious and responsible through this process is important. Remember, possessing firearms comes with a lot of responsibility. Ensure that you have proper storage and safety measures in place for storing your firearms when you receive them.

As a gun owner, remember it’s imperative that you handle them with safety and caution. Don’t be the problem in the world, be the solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a background check to buy a gun from an online gun store?

Yes, the FFL is required to complete a background check on the buyer before transferring the gun.

What is an FFL?

FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. This license must be obtained to sell firearms, including transferring firearms between buyers and sellers. During your firearm purchase, you will choose an FFL near you to have your firearm shipped to.

How do I find a licensed dealer (FFL) to handle the transfer?

You can find FFL dealers in your area by searching “FFLs near me”.

Can I have a gun shipped directly to me?

No, guns are not shipped directly to the buyer. Guns are shipped to a firearms dealer with a FFL.

Can I buy any type of gun online?

Most gun types can be purchased online. Whether you’re looking for a concealed carry for self defense or a recreational shooting gun, there’s a gun out there to fit your needs!

Are there age restrictions for buying guns online?

Yes! There are age restrictions for purchasing guns in general. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase long guns, and at least 21 years of age to purchase handguns.

Can I return a gun purchased online?

Depending on which online shop you purchase firearms from, will determine if you’re able to make a return. However, most do accept returns, so be sure to check the policy of the gun shop you choose.

What kind of gun should I purchase?

There are several different kinds of guns, so it’s important to know what your needs are. Concealed carry for self defense is a need that’s rising in popularity! Remember, if this is your need, some states require a CCW license.

Where should I start as a first time gun owner?

The best place to start is ensuring you are eligible to purchase a firearm, then moving on to what type of firearm you want to purchase for your first gun. This choice can be made simply by understanding what your need for the firearm is. Say you’re looking for a home defense firearm, you can start by searching for guns designed with home defense in mind!

What additional things should gun owners consider purchasing?

Safety is key! So purchasing something like a gun safe can ensure you’re taking all measures necessary to handle the storage of your firearms safely.

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